Jobs at Western

Applicant Quick Reference Guide

Applying to a Job in PageUp

From the home page:

  1. Click "Current Openings."
  2. Click the "All Openings" link, or click a specific work type to filter results by role.
  3. Click any “Job Title” to see the full posting.
  4. Click “Apply Now” to start an application. Note: Previous applicants to Western will be prompted for a password to their applicant profile.
  5. Fill out the application as much as possible.
  6. Submit the application once complete.

Logging into the Western PageUp Applicant Profile

The Western PageUp Applicant Profile will show all applications submitted, including the current status of the application in the search process. Personal contact information can be updated at anytime, and the resume can be updated for all future applications.

From the homepage:

  1. Click “Current Openings”.
  2. Click "Update your Profile."
  3. Log into the Western PageUp Applicant Profile.

Updating documents in your application

To update any attached documents to an application, the job posting must still be open and you must withdraw and re-apply.

Withdrawing Application from a Job

  1. Log into your Western PageUp Applicant Profile.
  2. Click “Withdraw” to the right of the Job that you no longer wish to be considered for.

Faculty References

For Tenure Track Faculty applications, applicants will need both Confidential Letters of Recommendations and Professional references. Two separate pages of the application have input for these references.

Confidential Reference Letters

Professional References

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